Hi Lovely!

My name is Karen and I am a ZEALOUS kind of girl, one whose heart radiates full of colour, like sunshine pulsating in one’s heart and soul when they are excited eating ice cream on a summer’s day.

I am also a self-confessed Lover of Life and it’s time to Shine my Colours  and tell my story because I am here to help Empower you, to connect back to yourself.

My journey has not always seen colour.

My Awakening came from both my life experiences and utilising the energies of many trusted practices & modalities that I offer today.

From the ages of 23-36 I lived with an undiagnosed and unmanaged debilitating rare connective tissue disorder (the glue that holds our organs, tissues and other parts of our bodies together) While my peers were pursuing careers, having babies and thriving. I was basically just surviving. I wasn’t even able to leave my home for a part of that time, most days that passed I was in debilitating pain. I often say it was a bit like what it would feel like if you were to slide down a cheese grater.


I frequently use the analogy that it was like living in a haunted house during that time. Each room was a journey in itself that I had to travel down. As I went down the roads of uncertainty, journeyed on the highways of deep darkness and wandered through the lanes of loneliness and other emotions. I learnt that I had to go in and restore that house and clear out all of the ‘haunted’ vibes.

At times it was a physical & emotional prison. As I went through each room, I realised that they were very important lessons in my life. Without them I would not be who I am today.

Today that old haunted house is my mansion that I now lovingly maintain.

A New Lease on Life

Out of the Darkness came Colour.  A new world where my soul & soles were like a jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece I was beginning to feel fully connected.

In hindsight each life event was a special learning curve so that my Journey could fully begin and I could teach, love more and live more

In 2010, I was given a new lease of life after making one of the biggest decisions in life which was to have my bowel rewired with a permanent colostomy, without that operation I can honestly say, that I do not know what would have happened to me.  Slowly I have re built my life; re built the foundations of Karen.  Over the years I begun to see what lay within, the pillars were there but the modalities taught me how to utilise and learn to reach inwards for strength and everything else that was needed at the given time.

Today I am digesting life again and my soul and heart are so humbly grateful for being able to place my soles on the bitumen every day and feel the sun on my body and for being alive and having a life once again. My life may not be perfect in the eyes of some, but I thank the universe for all that I have and all that I have become because of my Journey.

My Life Mantra is

"Out of Darkness comes Colour"


We can change, we can move through anything! No matter how much darkness you have seen, know that there is colour beyond the darkness!

My Life Mantra is “Out of Darkness comes Colour”.

My Resilient New road

My new road is about resiliently moving forward, helping others using both my life experience

and qualifications in many fields to humbly serve others.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

Together we can walk to a place where you will re-connect back to yourself despite what has happened to you and "Colour Your Life"!

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Professional Bio

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I hold current registration for the below Modalities with the Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)


I have obtained many forms of education in both Mainstream and within the Holistic fields.


-Diploma in Mindfulness (2018)

-Bachelor of Arts (Open) Health & Social Care,  Creative Writing, Art & its Histories, Humanities (2012)

-Diploma in Colour Therapy Diploma (2010)

-Diploma in Professional Relaxation Therapy (Currently studying)

-Diploma in Crystal Therapy (Currently studying)

-NLP Practitioner (2000)

-Hypnotherapy (2000)

-Time Line Therapy (2000)

Registered & Practicing Angel/Colour Intuitive Oracle Card reader

Business Memoirs

2008-Bespoke Jewellery Design, Empowerment Personal Colour and Crystal Therapy and Healing Journey Packages.

I worked with women 1:1 in the areas of

-Life Empowerment & Support.

-Fertility Empowerment & Support.

Prior to this,  I spent my life working in service based businesses with the central focus on customer service and support and core relationship building. My passion has always been to serve and assist my other fellow human beings.

Volunteer Work

2016 & 2018 Speaking at NSW Health events –(Volunteer) about my story relating to what I went through. Audience- Patients, student Doctors  and Medical professionals.

2015-Coastal Community Connections NSW Central Coast, Umina

ROLE-Mental Health Co-coordinator –(Volunteer)


-Teaching Mindfulness Colouring workshops and hosting colouring therapy tables at events

-Assisting with teenage vision board workshops

Promoting the events, i.e. getting out in the community, assisting in preparation for the events, administration duties in relation to the events etc.

2015 & 2016-RSPCA -Dog walking

 Achievements and Publications

-My work was quoted in "Joint Hypermobility Handbook- A Guide for the Issues & Management of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type and the Hypermobility Syndrome" 1st Edition by Brad T Tinkle (Author)

-Created eBook "The Awakening of the Divine Goddess" workbook in 2016

 -Published works in several analogies from 2008-2010 to raise monies for the HMSA

-Published works in the Huffington post-2015